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Fairfax County: 24th annual Service Awards recognizes community champions, hundreds of volunteers

Kathy Hertz, a longtime volunteer in Clifton, spent more than a week in Lesvos, Greece just after Christmas with her cousin. The two of them volunteered in and around a refugee camp for individuals being funnelled to Athens and hopefully back to Germany or other European havens.

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‘Shark Tank’ for Seniors

High school students design and present tech products to improve lives of older adults.

Chantilly High School freshman Aru Rajpurohit remembers seeing her great-grandfather struggle to drink his morning tea and other beverages, his hands shaking from Parkinson’s disease.

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First Responders Honored at 38th Annual Valor Awards

‘Ready for All Emergencies’

Technician Ryland Chapman and Lieutenant Lawrence Mullin with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department were preparing to return home from a deployment with Virginia Task Force 1 to earthquake-rocked Kathmandu, Nepal when another quake sent them back out for duty.

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Lawmakers Wrap-up Richmond Legislative Session

Unspent TANF grant money, prisoner rights among social issues discussed.

On average, low income families in Virginia who are eligible and sign up for funds from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Block Grant receive $269 monthly and are cut off after five years. But lawmakers say there’s a lot more unexpended money available in the federal grant that, if it remains unused, could one day be taken back.

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New decision-making training meant to alter how Fairfax County police officers approach use of force

Making decisions can be instinctual, from the gut. It can also be practical and informed, coming to the best judgement considering all variables. For police officers responding to calls where there might be a threat of violence to civilians and or themselves, their decision whether to use force and which type to neutralize the situation quickly must be a hybrid.

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Community Foundation for Northern Virginia Awards $380,000 in Local Grants

Five of 36 grant awardees speak at “Cocktails & Conversation” event.

When Lorton residents Marcy Mager and husband David Lunter’s daughter Michell Merhige was killed in 2009, they wanted to establish a scholarship in her honor but knew handling the financial logistics would be tricky.

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Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Springfield: Brain Injury Services honors volunteers and community partners

Maya Simbulan of Fairfax is thankful for being normal. The Lake Braddock Secondary School freshman would like to pursue work with computer graphics and plays electric wheelchair soccer.

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Fairfax County Public Schools to Seek FEMA Relief Funds

Winter Storm Jonas, Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse 2.0 — no matter what it’s called, the county-crippling January 2016 blizzard cost Fairfax County Public Schools $7.2 million to pay for employee overtime compensation, additional contractors and equipment rental.

Fairfax County: Commonwealth's Attorney Finds No Criminality in Paul Guida In-Custody Death

After a determination from the medical examiner that Falls Church resident Paul Guida, 68, died of natural causes while in the Sheriff’s custody at the Fairfax County Detention Center, Commonwealth’s Attorney Raymond F. Morrogh concluded there was no evidence of criminality associated with involved law enforcement or staff at the jail.

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Fairfax County: Commission Recognizes Outstanding Women in Government Work

Edwyna Wingo of the Chantilly area began her career with Fairfax County as a nurse in the Health Department on Sep. 1, 1965 and worked her last full day Oct. 1, 2011.

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Police Arrest 20 for Heroin Use in One Day

Operation Save-a-Life offered low-level offenders the chance at recovery treatment rather than jail time.

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, Fairfax County Police served 20 arrest warrants, all for possession and or distribution of heroin.

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Springfield Veterinary Holistic Center offers extension to conventional medicine

Bettejeanne “BJ” Hammond much prefers the term “body work” to massage. “Open wine and get out the candles, that’s what people think of massage,” she said. “They think it’s to relax, but it’s so much more than that.”

Art of Driving Scholarship Expands Eligibility Outside Fairfax County

After the first few years being open only to Lake Braddock Secondary School Students, the Art of Driving college scholarship in honor of Lake Braddock student Ashley Thompson expanded to all Fairfax County High Schools.

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Fairfax County Schools to Close March 1 for Super Tuesday

Concerns about parking and traffic, as well as new guidance from the Virginia Department of Education caused the Fairfax County School Board to reconsider closing schools for the March 1 Presidential primaries.

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Fairfax County: Parents, Community Supporters Rally to ‘Invest in Kids’

Emotional independent outbursts and communal chants of “Fund our schools” and “Invest in kids” echoed through the grand amphitheater just beyond the entrance to the Fairfax County Government Center.

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Diversion First Program Launched

Fairfax County officials announce Diversion First program designed to help individuals get treatment not jail time.

Kevin Earley said he’s living proof that Diversion First works. Earley has been living with bipolar disorder and had his last episode in 2007.

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Fairfax County: Public Safety Committee meets to discuss Ad Hoc Police Review recommendations and the Diversion First initiative

Just over a year since Natasha McKenna died following multiple shocks from a taser, while in custody at the Fairfax County Adult Detention center, her name was never raised during the Feb. 9 meeting of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Public Safety Committee meeting. Two audience members stood on one side of the Government Center conference room, holding posters bearing a picture of McKenna’s face and text including “Black Lives Matter.”

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Fairfax County: Training Center Residents Relocated

They’re all gone. As of August 2015, there were still 55 residents with mental or physical disabilities receiving services at the state-owned and operated Northern Virginia Training Center on Braddock Road.

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Fairfax County School Board Approves $2.67 Billion ‘No Cuts’ Budget

Calls for general salary raises and additional $40 million for teachers, lowering elementary class sizes.

Members of the Fairfax County School Board have taken the next step in realizing Superintendent Dr. Karen Garza’s vision of no additional cuts in the Fiscal Year 2017 school system operating budget. T

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Fairfax County: Election Officers Still Needed for March Primary

Cameron Sasnett has one message for people concerned about the integrity of elections -- at least from a procedure standpoint: Get involved as an election officer.

Fairfax County: In-Custody Death Investigated

Paul Guida died Oct. 17, 2015, while in custody at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. The 68-year-old Falls Church resident was charged with violating a protective order. He had been held without bond since Oct. 1, 2015.

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Combined Commissions for Women Host Human Trafficking Awareness Event in Fairfax

Thirty years ago, “Jen” was lured into a pornography ring and sexually abused by a man who initially pretended to be her friend.

Building for the Future

School Board approves five-year $777 million Capital Improvement Plan.

While the rest of Fairfax County hunkered down in preparation for Winter Storm Jonas’ Friday arrival, members of the School Board held their business meeting as scheduled on Jan. 21 and approved a five-year Capital Improvement Plan requiring $777 million.

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McAuliffe Visits Fairfax County Post-Blizzard

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) visited the Fairfax County Emergency Operations Center on Sunday, Jan. 24, following the worst of Winter Storm Jonas to be updated on the state of the county in the blizzard’s wake.

Fairfax County Suspends Trash Collection for Blizzard Week

Fairfax County announced on its Emergency Information website Saturday night, Jan. 23, during Winter Storm Jonas that trash and recycling collection services would be suspended for the week of Jan. 25-30.

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Fairfax County Braces for Epic Winter Storm Jonas

Chairman Bulova says VDOT was unprepared for Wednesday night, encourages residents to stay off roads during storm.

With Winter Storm Jonas looming and expected to begin Friday afternoon, a much milder dusting of snow the previous Wednesday night caught commuters and transportation workers off-guard. Treacherous, slick roads resulted in numerous accidents and forcing drivers into gridlock around Fairfax County.

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Lorton Brewer’s Wife Dies from Cancer

One week after a special ale was brewed to support her medical and other related costs, Kerri Rose of Alexandria died from cancer.

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Brain Injury Services in Springfield gets survivors back into the community

In one moment, Kim Daily’s life changed forever. It was September 2011 and the Centreville resident was in a car accident where she hit her head. Afterwards she experienced some numbness and pain in her neck.

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Coyotes on the Rise in Fairfax County

Police advise precautions

Over the last several months, Fairfax County Police said wildlife officials have received an increasing number of calls about the presence of coyotes in the area.

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Above a Cut

FCPS Superintendent Garza calls for no additional cuts in $2.67 billion FY 2017 budget

For Fiscal Year 2015, Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Karen Garza oversaw $96.5 million in cuts made from the school system’s annual operating budget. For FY 2016, it was $55.4 million, she said.

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School Board Sued over Nondiscrimination Policy Changes

Liberty Counsel challenges board’s authority to add sexual orientation and gender identity.

When the members of the Fairfax County School Board added sexual orientation and gender identity to the school system’s nondiscrimination policy in November 2014 and May 2015, did they have the authority?

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Fairfax County School Board Opens the Door for School Name Changes

No decisions made to affect current school names.

The Fairfax County School Board did not change any names of schools at its Dec. 17 regular business meeting.

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Fairfax County: McAuliffe Proposing More for Education

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D, left) unveiled his budget proposal for $1 billion in public and higher education investment at Mark Twain Middle School in Alexandria on Dec. 16, as part of the total state budget he plans to roll out on Thursday, Dec. 17.

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Citizen Speakers Turn Out for J.E.B. Stuart High Name Change

School Board to take action Dec. 17

J.E.B. Stuart High School senior Whitten Rutledge is proud of his school, mostly.

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Adam Torres trial for murder of John Geer postponed until April 2016

Former Fairfax County police officer Adam Torres was charged with second-degree murder in August this year for shooting Springfield resident John Geer in August 2013. The trial was scheduled to begin on Dec. 14, but a continuance was recently granted to the defense, pushing it back until April 18, 2016.

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Fairfax County Updates Teacher Safety Training In Wake of Woodson Fire

Science teachers across Fairfax County Public Schools have begun mandatory updated safety training in the wake of an Oct. 30 fire at Woodson High School that injured five students and a teacher, and caused $7,500 in damage.

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Fairfax County: Garza Presents Budget Task Force Report to School Board

Transparency and methodology of budget review questioned.

Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Karen Garza is attempting to scale a towering projected budget shortfall for Fiscal Year 2017. On Nov. 9, she presented School Board members the report of budget cuts recommended by a 36-member task force she summoned earlier this year.

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Springfield: Capital Area Food Bank raises awareness of local hunger with Empty Bowls events

Kady Wohlfarth of Alexandria spent two months of her off days from the Alexandria Wegmans prepared food section to create 100 clay bowls. Hers accounted for one-third of the bowls at the “Empty Bowls” fundraiser and awareness-raising event for the Capital Area Food Bank.

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Fairfax County: Republicans Celebrate the Victorious

And honor the defeated

Supervisor John Cook (R-Braddock) said he much preferred this night to the one when he was elected to his first term. A close race with his opponent meant waiting around until late into the evening. This year, Cook defeated Democrat Janet Oleszek by a more handy margin of about six percent of the vote.

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Fairfax County: Palchik Upsets Incumbent Reed for Providence School Board Seat

With 58.22 percent of the vote in unofficial election results, Dalia Palchik of Annandale defeated the incumbent Providence District Fairfax County School Board representative Patty Reed, who garnered 41.31 percent.

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Fairfax County: Hough Edges Incumbent Velkoff for Third At-Large School Board Seat

Fairfax resident Jeanette Hough said her race for the Fairfax County School Board started with a phone call to Springfield District representative to the board Elizabeth Schultz. “What are we going to do about the school board?” Hough remembers asking. “We’re being ignored as parents and taxpayers.”

Fairfax County: School Bond Referendum Tops $300 Million

The Nov. 3 election ballot will include a Fairfax County Public Schools bond referendum, featuring school improvement projects totaling $350,000,000.

Fairfax County Public Schools To Relocate 500 Staff

Fairfax County Public Schools has signed a 13-year lease at the Willow Oaks Corporate Center in Merrifield to relocated 500 support staff from the Fairfax Ridge Administration Center, where its lease it set to expire in March 2016.

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Herrity: Fairfax County Board Made Decisions Not to Disclose Geer Information

Springfield supervisor speaks up on transparency at first committee meeting to review 140+ recommendations from ad hoc police commission.

While Commonwealth’s Attorney Raymond Morrogh was held up as one source of stalling the release information regarding the 2013 shooting death of Springfield man John Geer by then-Fairfax County police officer Adam Torres, Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) offered that “decisions we made” on the Board of Supervisors, on the counsel of the Fairfax County attorney, were also responsible for Torres’ name, discrepancies in the investigation and other details of the incident being withheld from the public and Geer’s family until a lawsuit finally forced the police department to release everything.

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Fairfax County: School Board Promotes Dyslexia Awareness

And adopts two-hour delay for March Primary.

Nine-year-old Maxwell Gebharts stood confidently on a step-stool to address the Fairfax County School Board Oct. 22. “My old school didn’t know I was dyslexic,” he said. “I was very sad and felt like I wasn’t keeping up with everybody.”

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Fairfax County: League of Women Voters hosts Forum for Board of Supervisors Chairman and At-Large School Board

Chairman Candidates Debate Economy, Police, Schools

Continuing their series of meet the candidates events, the League of Women Voters of the Fairfax area gave citizens another opportunity at James Madison High School in Vienna to ask questions and visit with hopefuls for both Board of Supervisors chairman and Fairfax County School Board at-large member.

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Fairfax County: Board of Supervisors Accepts Final Report from Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission

Civilian Oversight Board Proposed, Debated

Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission chairman Michael Hershman was clear about what his group was, and was not tasked to do.

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Fairfax Station: First Decoding Dyslexia 5K Held at Burke Lake

Raising awareness, advocating for more services in schools

When Fairfax resident Calvin Rizek was in first grade, he remembers not being able to read along with the class, but “just flipping pages, like everyone else.”

Fairfax County: Sexual Violence Task Force Presents Recommendations

A Fairfax County task force established in March to review the state of sexual violence education and awareness presented a set of recommendations to the Board of Supervisors at their Sept. 29 meeting.

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Fairfax County: School Board To Discuss Delay for Presidential Primary

To alleviate congestion and chaos at 165 of the 196 Fairfax County schools and centers that double as polling places, the Fairfax County Board of Elections requested the School Board look at delaying school two hours on March 1, 2016 for the presidential primary.