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Fairfax County: Lockard Named Interim Superintendent

Dr. Steven Lockard will take over for Dr. Karen Garza as Fairfax County Schools superintendent for the interim period while the School Board searches for her replacement.

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Fairfax County: Meals Tax Statement Debated During Joint Budget Meeting

Text prepared by Board of Supervisors and FCPS board chairs.

There continues to be division, at least among several members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and School Board, on whether voters should approve a referendum allowing the government to levy up to a four percent additional tax on prepared foods and beverages at restaurants, as well as ready-to-eat foods from grocery and convenience stores.

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Fairfax County: Call for Civility in Schools’ LGBTQ Discussion

School board Board also receives Opening of Schools report, votes on challenged materials review committee.

Robert Rigby stood before the Fairfax County School Board on Sept. 22 wearing a red polo shirt, typically a sign of unity at board meetings among parents and community members who have opposed recent policy updates in the school system surrounding students who identify as transgender.

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Fairfax County: Students learn IT and job skills, earn tech internships.

On a scorching week day in late summer, rising Fairfax County seniors Kenneth Smith, Amy Wong and Tasmia Dia were taking cumulative review tests in their summer course. This wasn’t exactly summer school, though.

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Fairfax County: Changes in Voting from 2012

Electoral board highlights key dates and procedure updates.

Clinton or Trump? Meals Tax or no Meals Tax? These are just a two of the weighty decisions on the ballot for this fall’s election. To help people prepare for this cycle, leaders of the Fairfax County electoral board held a meeting with media to highlight some changes from the 2012 Presidential election.

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Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Garza Resigns

Fairfax County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Karen Garza has announced her resignation, just months after the FCPS board renewed her contract through June 30, 2020.

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Fairfax County: Supervisors Approve Independent Police Auditor

Unanimous vote follows Ad Hoc Commission recommendations for more transparency and oversight of Fairfax County police.

With a unanimous vote on Tuesday, Sept. 20, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved the creation of an independent police auditor office, following recommendations from the Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission.

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Fairfax: Roadside Protest for McKenna and Martinez Deaths

The Northern Virginia chapter of the group Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) organized a demonstration at 4 p.m. on Sep. 14 along Lee Highway in Fairfax, calling for justice for Natasha McKenna and Giovanny, or Jovany, Martinez.

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Clifton: Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program to hold tenth Polo Classic fundraiser

Once a week for the last seven years, César Dulanto of Lake Ridge, Va. has come to Clifton to trade his wheelchair for a saddle. Dulanto, 13, has been been wheelchair-bound since the age of two with cerebral palsy. He used to have difficulty just sitting up in a chair. And, he said, “I used to be so shy.”

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Fairfax County: Supervisors to Vote on Independent Auditor Office

Board item reviewed by public safety committee

At its Sept. 20 meeting, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will vote on the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission to create an office of independent police auditor.

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Fairfax County School Board Postpones Decision on New Sponsorship Policy

Fairfax County Public Schools are far from becoming a David Foster Wallace novel.

Fairfax Namesake School District in California Celebrated

While there can only be one Fairfax County Public Schools system, members of the FCPS board and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors congratulated the namesake Fairfax School District in Bakersfield, Calif. on its 125th anniversary.

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Fairfax: Dead Man’s, Deputy’s Name Released in Inova Shooting

Police, sheriff investigations continue.

Jovany Martinez is the 29-year-old Hispanic man who died after being shot by a Fairfax County Sheriff’s deputy Monday night Aug. 15 outside Inova Fairfax Hospital.

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Fairfax County: Aiming To Reduce Deer Population

Second Deer Management Program discussion

With an ecosystem struggling to support a deer population several times what’s considered to be healthy for a habitat, Fairfax County is preparing once again to initiate its deer management program.

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Fairfax: Man Dies After Being Shot by Fairfax Sheriff’s Deputy Outside Inova Hospital

Hispanic male was discharged patient who was escorted by security to bus stop before the incident.

Early Tuesday morning, Aug. 16, a man died after having been shot by a Fairfax County Sheriff’s Deputy outside the green garage area at Inova Fairfax Hospital the previous evening.

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Fairfax County Police Release Name of 2-Year-Old Victim in Murder-Suicide

Despite pleas from the girl’s family, Fairfax County Police have released the name of the young victim who was found dead along with the body of Roy Eugene Rumsey, 58, in an upstairs bedroom at the scene of a house fire in Fairfax on July 27.

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Stars of Summer

Northern Virginia Swimming League holds individual championships

Olympic swimming started with an expected bang in its opening weekend in Río, with Katie Ledecky and the men’s four by 100 freestyle relay, that included Michael Phelps in the second leg, captured gold medals for Team USA.

Ginny Thrasher's Golden Gun

Springfield’s Ginny Thrasher wins Olympic gold in air rifle.

Before she left for the Río Olympics, 19-year-old sharpshooter Ginny Thrasher of Springfield was just looking to get experience in her first games. “I was looking more towards 2020 as a realistic option,” she had said.

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Fairfax County Police Receive National Accreditation

Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies recognized compliance with 484 standards.

In a hearing in Baltimore’s inner harbor on Saturday, July 30, the Fairfax County Police Department received a formal recognition of its national accreditation from the Gainesville, Va.-based Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, CALEA.

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Communities Observe National Night Out

Law enforcement and neighborhoods come together in Fairfax Station, Springfield and countywide.

Every night, that’s seven nights a week, Amanda Fox and her mother make rounds of the 169 houses in their community of Cardinal Estates in Springfield.

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Fairfax County: School Board Work Session Draws Transgender Regulation Protesters

The Fairfax County School Board was scheduled to discuss new regulations for addressing daily life at school for students who identify as transgender or gender-nonconforming at July 21 work session held at the school system’s Gatehouse Road headquarters in Falls Church.

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Fairfax County: School Transgender Regulations in Limbo

Fairfax County Public Schools are holding off on implementing new regulations regarding transgender and gender nonconforming students.

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Fairfax County: Support for Police Auditor, Civilian Review Panel

Supervisors discuss independent oversight recommendations from Ad Hoc Commission.

Details of an independent auditor for Fairfax County police and a civilian panel to review cases of alleged FCPD abuse of authority or misconduct are still being hammered out. However there was general agreement among County Supervisors at the July 19 Public Safety Committee meeting that they are in favor of moving forward with the recommendations from the Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission to create both entities for accountability.

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Fairfax County: Four Arrested at Natasha McKenna Protest

Racial justice group calls for Sheriff Kincaid to fire deputies.

Four demonstrators were arrested Monday morning at a protest outside the Fairfax Courthouse for the February 15 in-custody death of Natasha McKenna.

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Fairfax County: School Board Receives New Transgender Regulations

Discussion moves to a work session

Friday afternoon, July 1, Fairfax County School Board members each received an email containing new operating regulations regarding transgender and gender nonconforming students.

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Fairfax County: School Board Renews Superintendent Garza’s Contract

Fairfax County Public Schools has secured four more years with Dr. Karen Garza at the helm as superintendent. The School Board members voted unanimously to extend her contract through June 30, 2020 at their June 30 meeting.

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Fairfax County: Former Police Officer Torres sentenced to 12 months for killing John Geer

Torres released five days following sentencing due to time already served

For the first time in its three-quarters of a century in existence, a Fairfax County Police officer has been convicted and sentenced after an officer-involved shooting death.

Fairfax County: Torres Walks Free

Former police officer released five days after sentencing for killing John Geer

Former Fairfax County Police Officer Adam Torres walked free Wednesday morning, June 29.

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Supervisors Endorse Police ‘Re-engineering’

Action items approved include use of force and communications recommendations from Ad Hoc commission.

The possibility of body cameras being worn by Fairfax County Police officers and the release of officers’ names involved with critical use of force incidents dominated discussion during two action items in the Board of Supervisors June 21 meeting.

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Natasha McKenna’s Mother Files $15 Million Wrongful Death Suit

Woman with mental illness died after being tased while in Sheriff’s custody.

Natasha McKenna’s mother is seeking more than $15 million in a wrongful death and gross negligence suit filed against Fairfax County Sheriff Stacey Kincaid and five deputies.

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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Added to Fairfax County Student Handbook

School Board members debate whether students should be held accountable.

Students in Fairfax County Public Schools started the 2015-2016 school year without the words “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” as part of the nondiscrimination guide within their student handbook.

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Fairfax County: High School Senior Addresses School Board on LGBT Issues

Board conducting community review of Family Life Education curriculum recommendations.

Bennett Shoop remembers first being bullied in second grade. He liked to dress all in black, wear weird shirts, be alternative in his outward expression.

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Fairfax County: School Board Adopts $2.7 Billion Budget

FY 2017 budget aims to raise teacher salaries, lower class sizes.

The Fairfax County School Board has made good on Superintendent Dr. Karen Garza’s promise when she introduced a FY 2017 budget for the school system.

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Fairfax County shares plan for mitigating effects of Safe Track maintenance

Bracing for shutdown "surges" in face of Metro crisis

If you use Metrorail from Vienna or Reston or Tysons, be on notice: The Orange and Silver lines will be the first affected.

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Fairfax County: Supervisors Review Use of Force Guidelines

Public Safety Committee meets before June 21 vote: gun carry positions, release of information, body cameras discussed.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is standing by its Chief of Police and his department.

Fairfax County: Kaine Requests Funding for School Drinking Water Testing

FCPS developing testing plan; last test was 2004.

In response to the lead contamination of drinking water of Flint, Michigan, U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine joined 24 other senators asking Congress for funding to have school drinking water tested for lead and other toxins.

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Fairfax County: 15th Day Prom held for students with disabilities

Students’ bodies bounced, swayed and spun on the dance floor while the Black-Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” blared from towering speakers. In another room, glamorous girls and boutonniered boys waited in line to pose for a professional photographer. It was a prom.

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Fairfax County: Female Firefighters Share Experiences

Offering to bring balance into gender issue.

For five-year veteran firefighter-paramedic Alisha Reakoff, her “gender has been a non-issue” in her experience with the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department.

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Fairfax County School Board members respond to Obama transgender bathroom guidance

When a student in Fairfax County Public Schools identifies as transgender and they bring it to the attention of their school staff, the school brings in the student’s parents and together they work out a tailored bathroom plan: where to use single-stall facilities on campus that will make the student feel most comfortable.

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Fairfax County: Hispanic Leadership Alliance awards scholarships to 14 seniors

West Springfield High School senior Fernanda Justiniano-Rivero fought back tears as she thanked her mother for everything. “She worked three jobs, barely raised me, would come home and be so tired,” Justiniano-Rivero said. “But she still would bring me gifts, ask me if I did my homework. I used to pretend we would travel the world and it be just us, I would live in a fairy tale.”

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Police to Continue Improving Transparency

Public Safety Committee reviews recommendations for police use of force and communications; vote scheduled for June 21.

Fairfax County Supervisors and the Public Safety Committee met Tuesday May 10 to review police use of force and communications policy recommendations from the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) and Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission.

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Fairfax County: Training to Reverse an Overdose

In 30 to 45 seconds, a single dose of the drug Naloxone can be the difference in whether someone experiencing an opiate overdose lives or dies.

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Fairfax County: Shining a Light on Addiction and Overdose

Herrity’s Town Hall addresses heroin and prescription drug abuse in Fairfax County.

South Lakes High School and George Mason University graduate Ginny Lovitt lost her brother Chris to a heroin overdose. He was 21 and had been discharged from the Sagebrush Treatment Center of Northern Virginia just a week before, in January of 2013. His tolerance was down.

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Fairfax County Fire Chief Moves to Address Department Cyberbullying

After the suicide of Fairfax County firefighter-paramedic Nicole Mittendorff and suspected cyberbullying of the 31-year-old that came to light after her death, Fairfax County Fire & Rescue is cracking down on workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination.

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Fairfax County 2017-2018 School Year to Begin Before Labor Day

Fairfax County Public Schools delaying their start date until after Labor Day will be a thing of the past. Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, the School Board decided classes will begin one week before Labor Day, rather than immediately following it, as has been the tradition.

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Fairfax Station: Fourth annual Fragile X walk raises $55,000 for molecular bank for research

Jimi Grande of Fairfax Station may never get to teach his ten-year-old son Jimmo to throw a baseball. Jimmo was born with effects from an inherited genetic mutation called Fragile X that can cause moderate to severe mental impairment and learning disabilities, and is linked to autism spectrum disorder.

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Fairfax County: Chief Investigating Cyberbullying of Dead Female Firefighter

Search for Nicole Mittendorff called off after police “preliminarily identify” female remains, find suicide note found in her abandoned vehicle.

The search for Nicole Mittendorff, a paramedic-firefighter based at Fire Station 32 in Fairfax Station, has been suspended, a release from Virginia State Police said on Thursday, April 21.

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Fairfax County: Supervisors Approve 4-Cent Tax Rate Increase

The gap between the Fairfax County School Board and total county budgets is a formality away from being the smallest since before Jan. 7 when FCPS Superintendent Dr. Karen Garza announced she wouldn’t be making any additional cuts in her $2.67 billion Fiscal Year 2017 budget.

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Fairfax County: Torres Pleads Guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter of John Geer

Former Police officer faced murder charges for 2013 shooting

It was over before it began. Neither prosecution nor defense gave opening statements in former Fairfax County Police Officer Adam Torres’ trial for the August 2013 murder of Springfield resident John Geer. Instead on Monday, April 18, Torres pleaded guilty to felony involuntary manslaughter for the August 2013 incident.

Fairfax County Police Hold Assessment Public Hearing

As part of an on-site assessment by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc., Fairfax County Police held a public forum on April 11 at the Fairfax County Government Center.