Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Shut Off from Civil Discourse

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Shut Off from Civil Discourse

At a time when we are so politically divided, I yearn for the opportunity to have sane discussion about the problems we face as a nation. Certainly in our community, people with differing viewpoints have found ways to live together with reasonable civility, and to find compromise when necessary. But somehow, politically we now find ourselves shut off from civil discourse.

To remain a truly great nation, we must get past this time of anger and mistrust. I don’t know how. But I do know we need people in Congress who will be part of the solution, who will listen to and be respectful of varying points of view.

In her first term, Rep. Jennifer Wexton has shown us that she wants to hear from a broad range of voices. In countless town halls, reinstated after several years of no town halls in District 10, she has encouraged public discussion and debate. She speaks with knowledge and calm, always with respect and never with rancor.

Importantly, throughout her political career, Jennifer Wexton has shown us that she will work across the aisle. In her five years in the Virginia Senate she built bipartisan support for legislation she sponsored on many issues including affordable healthcare, fighting the opioid and heroin epidemics, and job creation. In her first two years in the U. S. House of Representatives, she has passed four bipartisan bills through the House and supported many others. We need people like her in leadership if we are to continue to realize the dreams of the greatest democracy in history.

For America to continue to be great, we must find our way back to working together. I have faith that Jennifer Wexton will be one of the leaders to show us the way.

Pouneh Ghasemian